Physician Managed Care

Healthscape‘s physician-contracting. Associates have deep knowledge of payor practices in developing physician networks, of CMS and AHCA adequacy requirements and of the increasingly complex risk-bearing element of the health care delivery marketplace.    They will help physicians seeking new contracts to best position their practices, and will help the established practice to pursue contracting best practices and pricing.

Hospital Managed Care

Healthscape’s Hospital Advocacy Group offers assessment and remedial services to hospitals with significant managed care and third party payor business.

Ancillary Services

Whether it is pursuing new payor contracts, or opening legacy agreements to renegotiation, Healthscape Associates will work hand in hand with provider leadership to plan and execute a contracting strategy consistent with the provider’s market objectives.

Providing Managed Care Services

Healthscape is the off-payroll managed care department for the healthcare provider community

Healthscape’s Hospital Advocacy Group assesses, manages and renegotiates managed care portfolios for hospitals with the objectives of bringing their entire managed care portfolio into balance, improving revenue performance, and driving volume. Ethical conduct and compliance are the core values of the company, and the Healthscape’s Principal and Associates are widely and well known.


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