Healthscape® provides managed care expertise to the healthcare provider community and broader development services to the entire healthcare sector.

Healthscape’s Hospital Advocacy Group assesses, manages and renegotiates managed care portfolios for hospitals with the objective of bringing their entire managed care portfolio into balance and improving revenue performance.

Healthscape’s Principal and Associates are committed to compliance and ethical conduct, which are the core values of the company.

The Hospital Advocacy Group Provides:

  • Improved Reimbursements from Renegotiation of Hospital Managed Care Contracts
  • Proven Track Record of Improved Rates, Reimbursements and Recovery Opportunities
  • Time Relief for Senior Hospital Officers from Schedule Choking Negotiations, Analyses, Research, etc.

  • Market Strategy
  • Managed Care Department
  • Planning (Strategy)
  • Process
  • Systems
  • Personnel
  • Contract Review

  • Managed Care Strategic Plan
  • Contract Renegotiations
    • Rates
    • Language
    • Culling

  • Renegotiation Campaign Management
  • Interim Management*

Managed Care Experience

Senior Associates and the Principal of Healthscape’s Hospital Advocacy Group have the dual advantage of long pedigrees in managed care — including tenure on the payor side — and routine exposure to payor practices in multiple markets. Negotiating skills are a prerequisite, but in today’s managed care landscape, practices, conventions, and innovations in the payors’ philosophies and methodologies are changing daily and reimbursements are effected. It takes more than a good negotiator; it takes a senior officer who knows what drives the payors’ actions, and what they are up to in order to preserve hospital revenues.